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Solution Name Description Details
Acrylloy® Acrylloy® is formulated from modified acrylic resins to deliver an engineered film product for lamination to various thermoplastic substrates—which enhances the surface quality, gloss, scratch, and UV resistance. Details
Acryshield® Polycast® Acryshield® bullet resisting sheets UL designated, abrasion resistant, lighter than glass, crystal clear, and design-flexible to fit a range of ballistic protection applications. Details
AquaPro® A uniquely engineered multi-layer thermoplastic composite sheet designed for thermoformed sanitary ware applications including bathtubs, bathtub liners, bath wall surrounds, accessories and sinks. Details
Crylex® Crylex® is the preferred material for rigid formed sign faces when long-term weatherability, impact strength, and ease of fabrication are required. Details
DuraGard® The DuraGard® family of products deliver custom rollstock and formed part solutions for packaging. They are the perfect choice for consumer goods including personal care, household cleaners, electronics, and more. Details
EnviroTuf™ EnviroTuf™ is a composite sheet utilizing short-strand fiberglass for reinforcement, which adds a high level of stiffness to a polyolefin base resin. Details
Extreme® Extreme Plus HG® and Extreme Plus LG™ sheet are both high performance thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) structures. With a wide processing range, they are specifically engineered for easy, consistent, and stable thermoforming. Details
Floorlite® Flexible, lightweight TPO and TPR durable that are easily thermoformed, provide a mar resistant surface, and approved for automotive use in applications such as non-carpet flooring protection. Details
Formalloy™ Formalloy™ is a high-melt-strength thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) sheet engineered for improved thermoforming characteristics. Details
FormPro® A family of ABS, HIPS, and Polypropylene sheets that deliver high performance and meet exacting specs for applications in transportation, building & construction, consumer, appliance, packaging, and signage. Details
Korad® Korad® films are the worldwide preferred choice surfacing films for ABS, HIPS, PVC, PMMA, PC and ASA in weather-impacted environments. Details
Noryl™ Noryl™ sheet is extruded from Modified Polyphenylene Ether resin to have outstanding mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Details
Polycast® When demanding jobs and environments require both functionality and high levels of visual quality, Polycast® cast acrylic sheets, rods and tubes deliver optical clarity and durability. Details
PolyPrime® PolyPrime® products are graphic arts quality, extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) sheets. Details
PreservaPak® PreservaPak® rigid packaging solutions are available in mono-layer and multi-layer structures to help our customers satisfy the demanding requirements of today’s food packaging. Details
PrintMax® PrintMax® printable styrene sheets are specially formulated for printers utilizing digital, lithographic and screen-printing systems. Details
Rejuven8™Plus Our Rejuven8™Plus bioplastic materials are available as rollstock or thermoformed containersand can be customized to deliver the correct balance between product performance and package sustainability. Details
Royalite® One of the most trusted names in the plastics industry. The Royalite® family of products includes a comprehensive lineup to meet exacting specifications across a broad range of industries and applications. Details
SoundX® Mass Loaded vinyl flexible sheets used for noise reduction and sound abatement in automotive, industrial, and building applications. Details
Sparalloy® A unique blend of polymers specifically formulated to meet the needs of the marine industry and boat builder who lays-up fiberglass. Details
Spartech Spartech House Details
Spectar™ Spectar™ copolyester is a premier product for creating durable, sustainable, and flexible interior finish and architectural applications, in-store fixtures, and point-of-purchase displays. Details
Sta-Tuf® Sta-Tuf® is a highly engineered opaque thermoplastic alloy for thermoformed outdoor opaque letters or other custom signage graphics. Details
SunGard® SG SunGard® SG extreme-tough, weatherable sheet products combine the impact strength of polycarbonate with outstanding ultraviolet stability. Details
SurfaceChoice® SurfaceChoice® printed films add visual appeal and value to laminates & surfaces in commercial & residential construction, transportation, and consumer markets. Details
SurfaceChoice® Design Center Explore the patterns, finishes, and effects, then use these examples as a reference or for design inspiration on your next project. Details
Tuf-Glas® Tuf-Glas® is the premier clear rigid sheet for all types of sign applications. It combines exceptional impact strength, clarity, and stiffness with outstanding formability and ease of fabrication. Details
Tufpak® Spartech’s Tufpak® line of custom and stock specialty plastic bag and film products consist of proprietary polypropylene (PP) films which offer unmatched physical properties, including our SUPROP™ film, autoclave, and breathable bags. Details
UltraTuf® UltraTuf® formulations are designed for class-leading performance in forming, fabrication, and installation. And once installed, they last over time. Details
Ultros® Ultros® recycled content copolyester sheet offers excellent printability, toughness, ease of fabrication, and strong chemical resistance for visual display applications. Details
WeatherPro® Multi-layer thermoplastic extruded sheet products are designed for outdoor use for trucking, agricultural, power sports, marine, recreational vehicle, and signage applications. Details
Zycryl® Acrylic personal safety sheet with high impact strength and chemical resistance. Zycryl® is the preferred material for rigid barrier and displays. Details

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