The one material with so many diverse applications.

Polycast® cell cast acrylic has been manufactured and trusted by the aerospace, healthcare, food, transporation, and construction industries for over 40 years.

Available in a variety of configurations, sizes, thicknesses, tolerances, and colors, and customizable to your specific requirements, Polycast® solutions are a go-to source for aerospace, transportation, security, optics, displays, aquarium tanks, arts and crafts and medical devices industries.

Spartech is improving the shape of tomorrow through material strength and application expertise. This is especially evident in our Polycast specialty cell-cast acrylic sheet — a plastic solution that is sustainable, diverse, reliable and helps bring innovative ideas to life. We’re the world’s largest supplier of this highly versatile product for industries specializing in aerospace, transportation, security, optics and acrylic furniture.

The quality of Polycast is evident in the variety of applications it is used for and the fact that we work with our customers to meet their most demanding material requirements. This kind of service is matched by our supply chain reliability made possible in part by our strategically placed manufacturing locations around the country. It’s how we deliver peace of mind as we focus on solutions to deliver material orders on time and within budget.


Polycast® cell cast acrylic has been manufactured and trusted by the aerospace industry for over 40 years. We offer different formulations designed to address the specific performance needs of various aircraft transparencies. That includes optical clarity and sheet cleanliness, unrivaled in the industry. We consistently surpass stringent industry standards and demands, including the strict quality levels required by Military Material Specifications.

Today, in supplying the Polycast brand of materials, we are the principal supplier to the United States aerospace industry of acrylic sheet meeting U.S. Military Material Specifications MIL-PRF-5425, MIL-PRF-8184, and MIL-PRF-25690 and ASTM 4802/LP391. A comprehensive and experienced team of Spartech material engineers, technicians and sales & service representatives is available to help you determine the best Polycast  acrylic solution for your needs.

Special Services

Unique Properties

Polycast can modify its acrylic sheet to change certain physical, chemical or optical properties to help meet your requirements, including the introduction of sensitive dyes and other additives.

Custom Colors

Polycast has an extensive color database. Custom colors can be quoted upon your request.

Cut To Size

Polycast will cut sheet to your size requirements—saving you time and money.

Special Tolerance Control

Polycast can achieve special tolerances for more critical applications.

Technical Services

Field technical support from Polycast’s sales engineering staff to augment Polycast’s extensive product line.


Spartech Polycast®
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