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Sustainable Protection

A brand’s packaging is like a fingerprint – each one is unique, from the design to the material requirements. From enhanced recyclability to necessary shelf life, Spartech’s material science expertise can find the best solution to package your product. Our Innovation Center can develop answers to your design and barrier requirements. Watch our video to learn more about the solutions and services we provide to the packaging industry.

Enhancing Consumer Choice.

Packaging can make or break a customer’s decision to select your product over a competitor. But the decisions that go into the right packaging solution can be complex. And finding the right partner, critical.

In the packaging industry, innovation, safety, sustainability, and performance are all critical considerations. The combination of Spartech’s extensive packaging knowledge, capabilities and products means that we can help you find—or create—exactly the right fit for your project.

Looking for enhanced features or new product development? Let us help that effort with a full suite of services for development, prototypes, production, and testing with our expert team at our world-class Innovation Center.

Why Spartech?

With more than 50 years as a market leader in plastics production, we have the breadth and depth of experience to guide you to the best possible solution for your unique challenge. We also offer a world-class Innovation Center for customers who desire product innovation and testing. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with customers and produce high-caliber solutions that meet their specific needs.

For example, do you need to modify the structure or design of an existing product to make it more sustainable? We’ll help you find an alternative, or even create and test one with you hand-in-hand.

PreservaPak™ and PreservaPak™ ULTRA rollstock PET engineered recycle ready food packaging.
Medical grade PET, PETG, HDPE, HIPS, Polypropylene and Polycarbonate for packaging.
DuraGard™ custom rollstock and formed part solutions protects against moisture and oxygen sensitive goods.

Solutions for Packaging

As stewards of sustainable plastic packaging, we understand brands and consumers are constantly looking for new ways to further reduce environmental footprints while preserving product quality and performance. Whether your need is for single-serve portions or "snapable" multipack formats for dairy, beverage, fresh foods or extended shelf-life products, we have a tailored solution targeted to your exact requirements.

Our revolutionary PET based structures meet the exacting demands of your specific requirements. For refrigerated products we offer PreservaPak™ and for customized barrier solutions that meet your specific shelf-life requirements, we offer PreservaPak™ ULTRA. Rollstock options are available for a wide array of high-speed, form fill and seal machines and food processing conditions from aseptic to hot, ambient and modified atmosphere processing. All solutions are aligned with the Circular Economy drive with the option for inclusion of recycled PET (rPET).

Whether you’re looking for a food and beverage, commercial, or household goods packaging solution, Spartech’s tailored barrier packaging delivers best-in-class product protection.


DuraGard™ is a family of custom rollstock and formed part solutions ideal for personal care products, household cleaners, and electronics. Its barrier properties are customized to protect moisture and oxygen-sensitive goods, and it is available as rollstock or preformed containers.

Medical Packaging (See our Healthcare & Medical page for more information)

Spartech offers medical grade PET, PETG, HDPE, HIPS, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, and 6763 PETG Copolyester for biocompatibility and food contact. Applications include packaging for medical devices and surgical and surgical prep kits, consumable diagnostic slides or strips, surgical kits trays and containers, medical device components, and pharmaceuticals packaging.

  • Meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical protocols
  • Can be sterilized using ETO sterilization or Gamma radiation
  • Capability to deliver products under 0.010" in thickness
  • Produced by three manufacturing facilities, not just one

PreservaPak™ and PreservaPak™ ULTRA Rollstock
PET Engineered Recycle Ready Food Packaging

Spartech’s PreservaPak™ product line includes both barrier and non-barrier products designed to preserve food freshness and extend shelf life. Barrier products are designed with sustainability in mind, sometimes including layers of recycled materials in between surfaces that touch the food or beverage.

  • Wide portfolio of PET based Recycle Ready material solutions
  • Recycle stream 1 compatible—deemed the most easily recycled plastics material
  • Ideal for a broad range of package formats from single serve portions to “snapable” multipacks
  • Reliable, proven high processing speeds and lid sealing with no major equipment modification
  • Customized, multi-layer structures fulfilling demanding shelf-life performance for food freshness, color, and flavor
  • Designed for a wide array of food applications including shelf stable foods, beverages, and refrigerated products
  • Available in clear, translucent and opaque coloring of your choice

Rejuven8™Plus Bioplastic Materials 

The Rejuven8™Plus family is another environmentally friendly plastics solution from Spartech. It is a proprietary engineered material that is over 95% Bio-based and mineral-based. It is a plastic resin that is derived from plants that are an annually renewable resource.

Rejuven8™Plus has been engineered to be fit for use in most printing, fabricating, and thermoforming applications. It is a white opaque material that has similar strength properties to APET and PVC, and is PVC-free. Spartech's Rejuven8™Plus environmental benefits include:

  • Less energy to produce
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Renewable resource
  • Biodegradable
  • Less extrusion energy
  • Volitile organic compound reduction

Spartech's Packaging Solutions

Spartech is the leading producer of graphic-quality polyethylene and polypropylene sheet and the industry leader in printing and converting for 50 years. Solutions include graphic-quality polyethylene and polypropylene sheet, converting, and both digital and screen printing capabilities to produce unique, environmentally friendly products.

Spartech's Tufpak® Custom Bag & Film Products

Spartech’s Tufpak® line of custom and stock specialty plastic film and bag products consist of proprietary polypropylene (PP) films which offer unmatched physical properties, including our SUPROP film, autoclave, and breathable bags.

  • Compliant with specific Federal DOT and EPA Regulations
  • Exceed stringent ASTM tear and dart drop tests
  • Included OSHA required markings and temperature indicator patch
  • Compliant with specific CDC, EU, World Health Organization, & state health/safety codes
  • Available in red, clear, orange, yellow and custom blue, and green colors


Innovation and performance don't have to be mutually exclusive to product cost. At Spartech, we pride ourselves on value engineering and maintain a competitive cost structure in every solution we deliver.

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