Printable Styrene Sheet

PrintMax® printable styrene sheets are specially formulated for printers utilizing digital, lithographic, and screen-printing systems. They deliver superior ink adhesion, can be easily embossed, and feature industry-leading tolerance control for quality and print consistency.

Each style exhibits superior physical properties to ensure consistent print quality, rapid press speeds and minimal set-up—helping to save time and money for the printer. And, because they comply with FDA regulation 1CFR177.1640, these sheets are the perfect choice for food packaging products that require bold graphics.


  • Lays flat
  • Square sheets
  • Leading edge cut
  • Gauge, width and length control
  • Resin & color consistency
  • Available in materials such as HIPS and polypropylene
  • Complies with FDA regulation 1CFR177.1640 for polystyrene and rubber modified polystyrene — may be safely used in contact with foods

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