Spartech meets strict MIL-SPEC, FAA,
and ISO quality certifications for
aviation safety and performance.


Excellence in Aerospace

We’ve manufactured the highest quality engineered materials for commercial airliners, military jets, and helicopters for over three decades. Our Royalite® and Polycast® product lines protect passengers’ and crew’s health, comfort, and safety. Watch our video to learn more about the solutions and services we provide to the aerospace industry.

Better Solutions Take Flight.

Whether for a specific aerospace product, or an innovative new solution for a brand new challenge, Spartech is here to help. While our time-tested Royalite® and Polycast® products have been market-leaders, our approach is ‘product-agnostic,’ which means we can find — or create — exactly the right solution for your specific needs. We offer a full line of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft material options for both commercial and defense markets.

Spartech is committed to the Aerospace industry, with customer relationships that date back more than 30 years. We know the importance of creating safe, secure environments for both passengers and crew, all while using recyclable materials and pursuing new environmentally conscious production processes.

Looking for enhanced features or new product development? Let us help that effort with a full suite of services for development, prototypes, production, and testing with our expert team at our world-class Innovation Center.

Why Spartech?

Solutions for the Aerospace industry demand the highest standards, which is why Spartech not only meets safety requirements, but exceeds them using innovative, sustainable solutions. Our deep industry knowledge and experience provide a unique a backbone to innovation.

Partnering with Spartech means working with an experienced team of material engineers, technicians and service representatives—all aligned in their commitment to determine the best solution for your needs. Our reliable supply chain, culture of innovation, and prototyping capabilities make us a “one stop shop” for production, testing, and innovation.

Spartech Polycast Cell Cast Acrylic Defense Rotary Wing Canopies and Transparencies
Polycast® Cell Cast Acrylic for defense and commercial aircraft transparencies.
Spartech Royalite Commercial Aircraft Cabin Interior Materials
Royalite® Fire Rated Sheet products for commercial aircraft interiors.
Spartech Polycast Cell Cast Acrylic Aircraft Transparencies
Polycast® Cell Cast Acrylic for commercial and private aircraft transparencies.

Aerospace Applications

When it comes to safety-rated markets like Aerospace, Polycast® Cell Cast Acrylic sheets lead the way with their outstanding clarity and impact protection for cockpit crews. Our Royalite® fire-rated and specialty sheets for window and cabin transparencies, helicopter and jet canopies also promote passenger and crew safety and comfort in the cabin.


Both Polycast® and Royalite® offer superior performance and safety in their respective applications.

Solutions for Aerospace

Spartech Polycast® Cell Cast Acrylic

Polycast® Cell Cast Acrylic

Delivering aircraft transparencies for the demanding aerospace industry.

Polycast® cell cast acrylic has been trusted by the aerospace industry for over 40 years. Ideal for aircraft windows and transparencies, Polycast® offers superior optical quality, flexibility, and consistency. It’s available in even tighter tolerances than standard MIL SPEC (+/- .020" at less than .250"; +/- 10% at greater than .250"), as well as in standard thicknesses.

We consistently surpass stringent industry standards, including the strict quality levels required by Military Material Specifications. We are the principal supplier to the United States aerospace industry of acrylic sheet meeting U.S. Military Material Specifications MIL-PRF-5425, MIL-PRF-8184, and MIL-PRF-25690.

Spartech Royalite® Fire Rated Sheet

Royalite® Fire Rated Sheet

The trusted solution for aircraft cabin interiors—for decades.

From seats, trays, bulkheads and window shades to lavatory parts, galley carts and flooring — Royalite® is as versatile as it is strong. Ideal for laminating, fabricating and machining everything from seat parts and bulkhead laminates to monitor shrouds, window shades and tray tables, Royalite® is the perfect material for most aircraft interior requirements. Royalite®’s high tensile strength and stiffness offer superior impact resistance, and it’s formulated to resist staining, fading, cracking and crazing caused by harsh cleansers.

Royalite® meets heat deflection temperature requirements and has excellent formability for uniform wall thicknesses. It’s available in 0.028" – 0.375" thicknesses and a variety of popular surface textures and designs. The available materials compliant with FAR 25.853(a), FAR 25.853(b) and FAR 25.853(d) aviation ratings are R52, R57, R60, and R503.

The RoyalAero™ product line offers aircraft manufacturers a complete range of FAA-compliant, aerospace-rated thermoplastic sheet products engineered to meet exact formability and ductility specifications. Materials include R12, R20, R52, R57, R503, R60, R105, R552, R557, and R755.

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"Spartech is able to meet strict FAA, ISO, and FDA quality certifications seamlessly with their cast acrylic rods and tubes, fire retardant sheet, and cell cast transparencies."

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