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With plants in Crawfordsville, Indiana and Thomasville, Georgia, Spartech is the leading producer of graphic-quality polyethylene and polypropylene sheet and an industry leader in printing and converting. Spartech's Crawford and Thomasville plants produce custom packaging using plastic materials that are environmentally friendly, durable and cost effective.

Our ability to extrude and then convert thin-gauge polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) sheets through printing, die cutting, and finishing is a unique service and benefit to our customers who want a one-stop shop for unique signage, graphic arts, and promotional products.

Graphic Arts Sheets

PolyPrime® products are graphic arts quality, extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) sheets. They are durable and easy to convert for a variety of product applications such as signs, POP displays, and OEM applications, and are available in a variety of sizes and gauges as well as many stock colors.

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Spartech's Direct Digital Printing Capabilities
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Spartech's Screen Printing Capabilities
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Spartech Auto & Manual DieCutting
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Spartech® PolyPrime® 2nd Genesis® PE=PCR Sustainable Option

PolyPrime® 2nd Genesis®

Spartech's PolyPrime® line of products offers many unique brands for a variety of applications. Recycling and reprocessing plastics into new products is important for minimizing impact on our environment. Our 2nd Genesis® Recycled Sheet was developed with this mind. It is extruded polyethylene post-consumer plastic (PE-PCR) from reclaimed milk jugs which can be converted into many packaging applications. Not only is 2nd Genesis® good for the environment, it is cost neutral to Virgin PE Resin.

Spartech® PolyPrime® enDuraPrint® Printable Plastic Paper

PolyPrime® enDuraPrint®

enDuraprint® is a plastic engineered for printability, rigidity and stiffness similar to paper. It's a synthetic paper for applications that require durability and tear resistance. The printable poly paper has a soft-touch feel with dimensional stability and a lower cost. enDuraprint® is ideal for restaurant menus, recipe books, instruction manuals, maps and book jackets. It folds, looks and feels just like high-quality paper, but it won't tear, puncture or absorb water.

Spartech® PolyPrime® LumiSheet® Backlit Signage

PolyPrime® LumiSheet®

LumiSheet® is back-lit signage which is affordable and durable. LumiSheet®'s high-temp lightbox material is an economical alternative to high-temp polystyrenes and polycarbonates and is the ideal choice for outdoor illuminated signage.

Spartech® PolyPrime® MediSheet® Specialty grade HDPE, co-poly polyethelene medical grade for packaging and printing

PolyPrime® MediSheet®

For an easier-to-use and more sustainable option to package surgical, dental, and other medical devices, MediSheet® provides a sturdy yet lighter weight, easily recyclable option. It can be provided as sheet, or Spartech will design and cut a custom die cut configuration. Your logo or any usage information can be digitally printed.

Spartech® PolyPrime® Primo™ environmetally friendly plastic sheet for printing

PolyPrime® Primo™

Primo™ is a premium material offering superior ink receptivity, making it an ideal choice for numerous printed product applications. Our Primo™ plastic sheet is stronger and stiffer with better tensile strength. It is the perfect alternative to Rigid PVC with better performance characteristics and is environmentally friendly.

Spartech® PolyPrime® ProMotion® 2.0 non-blocking sheet

PolyPrime® ProMotion® 2.0

ProMotion® 2.0 offers a non-blocking sheet, feeds at the rate of your press, and is popular for its notable clarity.

Spartech® PolyPrime® TerraCard®

PolyPrime® TerraCard®

Spartech's PolyPrime® line of products offers many unique brands for a variety of applications.

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