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Building & Construction

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For over 50 years, quality, reliability, and innovative products have made Spartech an industry leader in engineered materials for the building and construction industry. Our products meet the most challenging project standards, ensuring what you design and build is well crafted, providing safe, comfortable, and beautiful structure and surroundings. Watch our video to learn more about the solutions and services we provide to the building and construction industry.

Building Better With Custom Solutions.

Every building or construction project has its unique requirements—especially for rennovation and remodeling. Which is why, rather than provide cookie-cutter product solutions, Spartech works to understand project requirements and deliver to your specs with our solutions including ABS Sheet, AquaPro® 820, Printed Films, and Styrenic products.

Our process includes custom polymer and solution development, proprietary formulations, and adherence to strict quality standards, as well as popular textures, colors, and designs. With a collaborative approach to solving technical challenges, we bring more than 50 years of proven material expertise for showers, baths, decking, siding, HVAC, bullet resistant transparencies, and related applications.

Looking for enhanced features or new product development? Let us help that effort with a full suite of services for development, prototypes, production, and testing with our expert team at our world-class Innovation Center.

Why Spartech?

We work diligently to help you meet project standards for performance, durability, colors and textures—all while leveraging sustainable materials, technical expertise, and supply chain reliability. You can count on Spartech for quality, delivery, performance, and price.

Build decks and outdoor surfaces with durable, long lasting materials from Spartech
Build decks and outdoor surfaces with durable, long lasting solutions from Spartech.
Create functional and beautiful interior spaces with our SoundX® and decorative solutions
Create functional and beautiful interior spaces with SoundX® and our decorative solutions.
AquaPro™ and our other bath, spa, shower, and sanitary solutions lead the market.

Solutions for Building & Construction

The Building and Construction industries are vast, and include applications as varied as bullet resistant glazing to sanitaryware plastics. Our breadth of products and solutions cover these applications and many more, including comprehensive solutions for interior and exterior architectural components.


Spartech’s Polycast® solutions consistently perform in the most demanding environments for personal protection, such as banks, judge’s chambers, courthouses, police stations, worship centers, and convenience stores. Polycast® is a real-world, proven bullet resistant transparency that gives you peace of mind in protecting your people.

Outside of Polycast®, we also offer a line of Polycarbonate, PETG, and Acrylic solutions for separating and securing a physical environment. Whether you need a separation barrier for a restaurant, grocery store, or other point-of-contact application, these products offer clarity and sturdiness to help meet your project needs.

  • Bullet resistant transparencies and forced entry protective glazing: Polycast® Acryshield®
  • Transparent fencing, pool windows and custom aquariums: Polycast®
  • Separation materials: Polycast,® Duragard® Polycarbonate, UltraTuf® PETG,and Zycryl™ Acrylic


The unique, proprietary technology of FormPro™ Chill should be considered as a first line of defense to aggressive HFO chemical attack in the following markets and applications:

  • High-end custom-built refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Residential refrigerators and freezers
  • Wine coolers, beer and keg coolers, portable refrigeration
  • Under-cabinet refrigeration, recreational vehicle refrigeration
  • Commercial icemakers
  • Medical refrigeration


When it comes to bath and kitchen materials, form and function are constantly at play. With Spartech’s performance- and appearance-engineered plastic substrates, you don’t have to choose between durability and aesthetic appeal. Our materials come in the surface textures, colors, and designs your customers are asking for. And you can rely on Spartech to partner with you in determining just the right solution to meet your needs and project timelines.

  • Baths & Spas: AquaPro™, SurfaceChoice®, Acrylloy™, Korad®, ABS, HIPS, High Gloss HIPS
  • Kitchens: SurfaceChoice®, Acrylloy, Korad®
  • Grab bars for bath and shower: Polycast® acrylic rod

Interior Architectural Components

Many interior components are all about looks—and we’re committed to helping you achieve aesthetic appeal without compromising durability. Other products, such as pipe wrap systems for sound reduction, can’t be seen but are no less essential. No matter the application, you can trust that our projects are carefully designed with your end use in mind.

  • Laminates for floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, window/door profiles: Acrylloy™, SurfaceChoice®, Korad®, and printed PVC, paper and PET films
  • Clean rooms: Royalite® G50, R52, SurfaceChoice®, Calendared PVC and other films
  • Sound reduction wrap for air compressors, A/C, duct work: SoundX®, SoundX® 100
  • Oil/natural gas industry sound reduction pipe wrap: SoundX®, SoundX® 100
  • Noise reduction for workplaces, venues, hotels, residences: SoundX®, SoundX® 100
  • Lighting, furniture: Polycast® acrylic rod and tube, Zycryl™, PETG, polycarbonate
  • Mine shaft ventilation, custom ductwork: Royalite® R39 FR-HDPE
  • Protective wall covering for high-abuse environments: Royalite® R49/52, R52, G50

Exterior Architectural Components

It’s no surprise that exterior components have to be tough. Our products are engineered from the beginning to withstand snow, sleet, heat, and cold. Still, we can also help you match the aesthetic you’re going for, thanks to our plastic sheet and film formulations that replicate the look of real wood, metal, and other materials.

  • Siding, exterior trim, windows, doors: SurfaceChoice®, WeatherPro® high performance ABS
  • Fence, deck, rail: Korad®, Royalite® R-89, SurfaceChoice®, other films/laminates
  • Skylights: Tuf-Glas™ modified acrylic, UltraTuf® UV, SunGard® SG polycarbonate, and Polycast® Solacryl® SUVT cell cast acrylic sheet


All our building and construction products consistently meet performance standards for industry specifications. Spartech is a one-stop shop, thanks to our calender, print, and laminate options. With our low minimums, inventory of "workhorse" patterns, and consistent quality and supply, you can trust Spartech to deliver on-budget solutions that meet your specs.

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