PPE Sheet

PPE Sheet

Heightened awareness about public health and healthcare safety demands solutions only plastics can deliver. Healthcare professionals rely on personal protective equipment (PPE) as front-line defense in keeping themselves free from disease -- so they can keep others safe. Countless businesses depend on safe, personal interaction between employees and customers.

Spartech offers a complete line of thin gauge and thick gauge plastic materials used in vital PPE face shields and as building materials for protective barriers. Spartech products serve today’s public and healthcare safety needs; they are integral in the innovations of tomorrow.

Spartech offers a variety of materials used in the fabrication of face shields and other PPE products.

Thin Gauge Clear Products

PPE face shields are used when skin protection (in addition to mouth, nose and eye protection) is needed. U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance suggests face shields (transparent plastic that covers the forehead, extends below the chin and wraps around the side of the face) can be used as a substitute to wearing a mask or goggles when irrigating a wound or suctioning secretions. Face shields protect health care professionals from exposure to droplets containing a virus from a patient’s sneeze or cough, as experienced in the COVID-19 outbreak. The Global Center for Medical Innovation said face shields may also extend the life of N95 masks while protecting healthcare workers from contamination.

Cellulose Acetate Sheets

Cellulose Acetate sheets for healthcare are thin thermoplastic products that are lightweight and very flexible, yet strong. This is renewable cellulose material harvested from trees in sustainably managed forests. Spartech CA offers proven optical clarity and scratch resistance under a wide range of temperatures. Spartech CA also exhibits excellent resistance to Acetone, Methanol, Isopropanol, 20 percent ammonium hydroxide and acetic acid; sanitizing agents for when the product is used in splash protection applications.

  • Spartech clear acetate product 1568 is a specialized face shield material in gauges from .020”-.060”.
  • Spartech clear acetate product 1558 meets the requirements of LP-504 Type 1.
  • Spartech cellulose acetate sheet 481 is a medium green material.

PETG Sheets (thin gauge)

FDA grade UltraTuf™ PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) is another widely used PPE face shield material that offers excellent chemical protection and good impact resistance. Spartech healthcare PETG is cost-effective and easy to customize.

APET / PET Sheets

Series 55 APET / PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is yet another clear material from Spartech that is used for PPE face shields. It offers excellent chemical protection and good impact properties.

Thick Gauge Clear Products

Spartech also has deep experience and an extensive line of plastic construction materials ideal for protecting medical and healthcare facilities. The products also have wide-ranging use for retail businesses that need to keep their employees and customers healthy, which can be used in applications like sneeze-guards at checkout lanes, seat partitions for airplanes in the aerospace industry, even partitions in casinos between slot machines. Spartech thick PETG sheet, Polycarbonate sheet, and Polycast Cast Acrylic sheet have particular strengths to help protect the public in scenarios from healthcare to retail to public transportation. Each has their own benefits, whether levels of clarity, strength or flexibility, fire-resistance or anti-microbial functions.

PETG Sheets (thick gauge)

PETG is an FDA-approved material that can be used for barriers at the point of sale to protect employees and customers from airborne contaminants. PETG is very clear and disinfects easily. Spartech is experienced in providing PETG for retail applications.

  • UltraTuf™ PETG copolyester is strong and versatile with ease of fabrication including thermoforming, cutting and routing.   It also has strong chemical resistance.
  • Ultros™ D and Ultros™ Renu are other Spartech rigid copolyester materials.
  • End-users of Ultros™ Renu copolyester sheet can apply for LEED credits with the U.S. Green Building Council.

Polycarbonate (PC) Sheets

PC sheet products are focused on applications where impact resistance, durability, weatherability and increased heat resistance are needed, with some formulations specifically designed for demanding outdoor applications.

  • PC2000 DuraGard® is excellent for in-store barriers to protect shoppers, clerks and perishable foods.
  • SunGard® PC is the preferred product for outdoor applications.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheet works well in fabrication, including routing, and provides another clear alternative for barrier protection. Excellent weathering properties in environments where needed is an added plus.

  • TufGlas™ impact-modified acrylic sheet is a great alternative to general purpose (GP) acrylic by providing impact resistance along with the expected durability, weatherability, formability, and routability.
  • TufGlas™ is a good-value acrylic sheet which can be customized to meet the color, sheet or reel size, and gauge that the application requires.
  • Spartech has the widest sheet capability in the industry.

Polycast® Cast Acrylic Sheets

Polycast® Specialty Acrylic Sheet is a highly specialized, UV-stable material that can be modified to meet certain physical, chemical or optical properties to a variety of requirements. This acrylic sheet material has the following benefits:

  • Monolithic, impenetrable 
  • Does not support microorganism growth
  • easily cleanable with disinfectants 
  • Polycast® DG : Disinfectant Grade is a modified acrylic polymer sheet with  enhanced chemical resistance, resists crazing when exposed to repeated application of harsh alcohol-based disinfectants, or other types of disinfectants.
  • Polycast® BR Sheet: Bullet-resistant acrylic to fit a range of ballistic protection applications which also provide the same health-related benefits.

Thick Gauge Opaque Products

The Royalite® family features non-clear fire-rated, chemical resistant, PVC, Acrylic Building & Construction code-compliant materials for wall coverings (such as sandwich panels), ceiling tiles and clean rooms where ASTM E84 Class A standards must be met.

  • R49/52: Chemically resistant, high rigidity and toughness
  • R52AM: UL listed, Inhibits mold and mildew
  • G50: Non-halogen, non-BPA sheet, chemically resistant, cleanable

Royalite® also offers reliable, fire rated sheet of different thermoplastic chemistries for medical applications for hospital bed and medical enclosures.

  • R59, R15 and R574: UL listed, High HDT, RoHS compliant
  • R926 - PC/ABS: Fire-rated, non-halogen, UL listed, High HDT, lightweight

Sustainability. The Key To Future Value.

We have placed sustainability, environment, social and governance (ESG) issues at the very center of our focus. Not simply to comply with regulations and standards, but to drive true change that transforms tomorrow. This, we believe, is how real value is created.

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