MediSheet®: Curing the Pains of Medical Packaging

MediSheet®: Curing the Pains of Medical Packaging

A PolyPrime® success story for MediSheet®

A material solution that cured the pains of manufacturing medical mounting cards.

From complex surgical procedures and outpatient care to routine exams, the healthcare industry serves a vast variety of needs for an ever-growing patient population. As demand for care continuously expands, so does the need for unique material solutions for mounting the instruments medical professionals use to help those under their care at hospitals, medical clinics, and urgent care facilities.

One major medical packaging company serving the healthcare industry turned to Spartech Plastics for a specific material need for their medical mounting cards. Their challenge: A solution that would securely retain medical devices on mounting cards placed within sterile packaging to ensure safe device retention during shipment, storage and ultimately surgery.

With MediSheet®, a PolyPrime® product from Spartech, the medical packaging manufacturer now had the ideal solution that delivered all the required material characteristics to handle die-cutting of intricate retention tabs that wouldn’t crack or break. While safely securing everything from surgical instruments to tubes used during colonoscopy procedures, Spartech’s proprietary formulation and manufacturing process utilized for MediSheet® minimized embedded particulates in the mounting card. This met the required specifications and was also a perfect benefit for other products such as medical trays.

A true “complete” solutions provider.

Another added value with MediSheet® was the fact that Spartech’s in-house capabilities could handle everything from packaging prototype to production (including all die-cutting). This material used to manufacture trays and mounting card products could even be imprinted with the medical packaging manufacturer’s name and logo.

Also beneficial is Spartech’s supply chain reliability for having MediSheet® in stock and ready for manufacturing to avoid delivery delays. Once completed, the MediSheet® material-based trays or mounting card products shipped flat for space savings and cost effectiveness. This polyethylene material provided the medical packaging manufacturer with a much more environmentally friendly alternative to PVC when medical waste is incinerated for disposal.

Benefits of the complete line of PolyPrime® products from Spartech.

PolyPrime® offers a full line of thin-gauge plastic sheet material products that include both extruded polyethylene and polypropylene. Available in either flat sheet or roll stock, this high-density material is extremely durable for use in outdoor and indoor environments for applications that include signage, POP displays and OEM applications.

PolyPrime® is a graphic quality sheet that is completely recyclable and can be produced in a variety of opaque colors, tints, clears and specific PMS matches. Various application techniques include four-color process, screen, digital and offset printing that result in nearly picture-perfect reproduction. It can be finished using die-cutting, folding, taping, riveting, embossing and foil stamping manufacturing techniques.

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September 01, 2023

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