LumiSheet®: A Sure Sign of Success for Fast Food Signage

A Sure Sign of Success for Fast Food Signage

A PolyPrime® success story for LumiSheet®

Outdoor durability, cost effectiveness and high-quality backlit graphics: It's a sure sign of material success for fast food signage.

Drive down any busy city street and what is immediately evident are the vast amounts of fast-food restaurants trying to drive in customer traffic though outdoor signage. These signs, especially drive through menu boards, need to do more than deliver an appealing brand message. Each one must be able to stand up against the harshest weather as well extreme heat variances caused from being backlit.

What one fast food chain in particular was looking for in their outdoor signage and menu boards was lasting durability for cost effectiveness. They also demanded the material maintain bright and colorful graphics that looked attractive to customers during the day or when backlit at night. They found just that in LumiSheet®, a PolyPrime® product from Spartech.

Similar to polycarbonates and polystyrenes, but available at about half the cost, LumiSheet® was originally developed for outdoor usage in high-heat backlit signage requiring a 270-degree heat deflection rating. For this specific fast-food chain, the solution driven engineers at Spartech developed a more cost-effective material formulation that met their lower heat deflection rating requirement of 225 degrees.

Cost effective appeal.

The appeal was more than just that LumiSheet® was a more cost-effective solution compared to other material choices, it was also durable for use in the fast-food chain’s outdoor and indoor signage, especially the backlit drive thru menu boards. This was a very important factor for their restaurants located in dry desert and extreme cold weather environments that had trouble with signage cracking and yellowing. LumiSheet® eliminated all these issues.

Another key advantage in using LumiSheet® were in the printing applications. This material was highly valued by the fast-food chain’s printers for a multitude of reasons such as its ability to hold black ink and the fact that both sides can be printed in a very short period of time since the printing machine cools quickly. Add to this how the material is recyclable to help meet the chain’s essential environmental sustainability mission. The material appeal is what many other fast-food chains were hungry for and why they have now switched to LumiSheet®. It’s one of the many durable, dependable and cost effective material products in the PolyPrime® from Spartech.

Benefits of the complete line of PolyPrime® products from Spartech.

PolyPrime® offers a full line of thin-gauge plastic sheet material products that include both extruded polyethylene and polypropylene. Available in either flat sheet or roll stock, this high-density material is extremely durable for use in outdoor and indoor environments for applications that include signage, POP displays and OEM applications.

PolyPrime® is a graphic quality sheet that is completely recyclable and can be produced in a variety of opaque colors, tints, clears and specific PMS matches. Various application techniques include four-color process, screen, digital and offset printing that result in nearly picture-perfect reproduction. It can be finished using die-cutting, folding, taping, riveting, embossing and foil stamping manufacturing techniques.

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September 01, 2023

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