Royalite® R63

Royalite® R63

General Description

Royalite® RoyalStat™ R63 thermoplastic sheet is an PVC/ABS product that is both electrically conductive and fire-rated. It meets the minimum static decay requirements outlined in MIL-B-81705C and NFPA Code 99 specifications. It is recognized under the component program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. with a classification of 94V-1 at 0.066”. Containers made from Royalite® RoyalStat™ R63 thermoplastic sheet provide permanent static protection. It provides the dimensional stability typical of ABS plastics required for today’s robotic material handling systems. Royalite® R63 thermoplastic sheet combines high stiffness and abrasion resistance with excellent thermoformability.


Properties Test Method Value UOM
Specific Gravity ASTM D-792 1.22 n/a
Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 4,500 psi
Flexural Strength ASTM D-790 7,100 psi
Flexural Modulus ASTM D-790 280,000 psi
Rockwell Hardness (R Scale) ASTM D-785 87 n/a
Heat Deflection Temperature @264 psi, Annealed ASTM D-648 165 °F
Falling Dart Impact -40°C ASTM D-5420 160 ft lbs
Surface Resistivity ASTM D-257 < 10^5 Ω Ohm2


Properties Test Method Value UOM
Chemical Resistancen/an/a
Flexural Modulus (stiffness)n/aHighn/a
Gloss After Formingn/an/a
Heat Deflection Temperaturen/aAveragen/a
Impact Strengthn/aHighn/a
Low Temperature Impact Strengthn/aAveragen/a
Tensile Strengthn/aHighn/a
UV Resistancen/aGoodn/a
Spartech Royalite® R63

Product Information

Item Description
Product Line Royalite®
Item Code Royalite® R63
Material Description Conductive, fire-rated PVC/ABS rigid sheet
Product Description RoyalStat™ Fire-Rated, Electrically-Conductive Sheet
  • Meets: Static Decay MIL-B-81705C
  • Meets: NFPA Code 99
  • Listed: UL 94 V-1 @ > 0.066"
  • Surface resistivity < 10^5 Ω
BenefitsRoyalite® RoyalStat™ Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) thermoplastic sheet meets permanent static protection requirements and these products meet minimum static decay requirements outlined in MIL-B-81705C and NFPA Code 99 specifications.
  • Dissipation of electrostatic charges
  • IC chip carriers
  • Trays and tray dividers


Polymer Tag Polymer Name
RPVC Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride
Alloy Thermoplastic Alloy

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*All values based on 0.125" unless otherwise stated

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