Thomasville, Georgia

Thomasville Georgia

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This Georgia plant has found its niche in food and medical packaging. The team is focused on niche markets and producing high quality sheets with short lead times. "Quick service, high quality" has long been their unofficial slogan.

You may have interacted with Thomasville’s products over breakfast this morning without even knowing it. Production at Thomasville creates thin gauge sheets used for a variety of applications including medical/surgical kits, food packaging, displays, and signage. Thomasville renews its food safety certification standards each year, so customers can be confident in trusting Thomasville with their products.

Quick Facts

Get to Know Thomasville

Walking into the Thomasville building, visitors will immediately notice southeast hospitality, feel, and culture. The team is friendly and action oriented, and their product output and trusted customer relationships speak volumes about the quality of their work.

Career Opportunities

We’re growing with opportunities to join our team. Learn more about a career with Spartech and view our open roles.

Visiting Our Plant?

To be in any production area, please wear steel-toed shoes or boots, and we will provide safety glasses and other safety gear as needed.

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