Tufpak® Products

Tufpak® Products

Custom and stock plastic film and bag products that hold limitless possibilities.

Spartech’s Tufpak line of custom and stock specialty plastic film and bag products consist of proprietary polypropylene (PP) films which offer unmatched physical properties, including our SUPROP™ film, autoclave, and breathable bags.

Secura "T" Autoclave Bags

Polypropylene biohazard bags for disposal of laboratory consumables and clinical healthcare waste.

Our polypropylene autoclave biohazard bags are specifically engineered to meet the most difficult regulations enforced worldwide for sterilizing or decontaminating hazardous materials. These bags are specifically intended for industries specializing in biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical research, government / military use, and OEM parts that require sterilization prior to use or assembly.

  • Compliant with specific Federal DOT and EPA Regulations
  • Exceed stringent ASTM tear and dart drop tests
  • Included OSHA required markings and temperature indicator patch
  • Compliant with specific CDC, EU, World Health Organization, & state health/safety codes
  • Available in red, clear, orange, yellow and custom blue and green colors

SUPROP™ Specialty Films

Medical packaging pouches and bags.

For your products that have demanding requirements –temperature resistance, sterilization tolerance, enhanced physical property characteristics for strength, Tufpak SUPROP™ polypropylene film utilizes a unique film extrusion process that provides an unmatched molecular crystalline structure ideal for a wide range of product applications. SUPROP™ films and bag products can be enhanced to be universally sterilizable such as the ability to withstand ionizing radiation sterilization for medical packaging and healthcare environments.

  • PP 0.8mil to 4mil thickness
  • Decontamination packaging
  • Sealant film in laminated structures for pouches, tray liners or lid stock
  • Aseptic sampling containers and OEM medical device pouches
  • Clinical/scientific equipment dust covers
  • Temperature-resistant products / uses such as MREs, tar bags
  • Flexible chemical transfer hoses
  • Chemical tank liners, hot liquid drum liners

Breathable Life Sciences Bags

Proprietary process for Tyvek patch assembly.

Spartech’s Tufpak breathable bags are constructed using our own specially formulated and uniquely manufactured SUPROP™ polypropylene or polyethylene films, paired with a proprietary high-quality breather patch material. The bags are designed to provide high strength film properties and controlled transpiration of biologically generated gases through the breathable membrane to sustain consistent growth of spawn or tissue culture in a separate, sterile environment.

Applications for use as an isolated, aseptic (sterile) bio-product environments and allowing needed transpiration of gases.

  • Bio-remediation
  • Bio-pesticides
  • Tissue culture growth
  • Agricultural, high volume, high quality commercial manufacturing of specialty mushroom spawn products for cultivation
  • Bio-reactors for seed or tissue culture growth or solid state fermentation

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