Product Focus: Signage Solutions

Product Focus: Signage Solutions

Our goal is to create a formulation that helps our clients keep their customers informed, educated, and — most importantly — safe.

“Graphic Arts and Signage” is one of Spartech’s flagship markets. Producing everything from extruded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheets to highly engineered opaque thermoplastic alloys, we provide a variety of indoor and outdoor signage solutions. End-use clients are as varied as hospitals and gas stations to retailers and phone companies.

Spartech’s breadth of custom formulation options allows us to take a product agnostic approach to our customers’ needs, collaborating with them to find the right fit for their project. Our goal is to create a formulation that helps our clients keep their customers informed, educated, and — most importantly — safe. Here are just a few examples of how we bring value to our customers!

A Beacon in The Storm

Have you ever nearly run out of gas in a storm, only to be overjoyed to see a well-lit “Gas Station” sign beckoning in the distance? Without a well-lit, weather resistant material, you might have passed by that sign. Our products — including weather-resistant Crylex®, WeatherPro™, and Sta-Tuf™ — ensure that people can clearly see critical signage no matter the weather.

High-Intensity Hospital Signage

When emergency medical teams are racing gurneys back to operating rooms, every second counts. It’s critical that directional signage is visible, clear, and durable. Our products are ideal for these types of high-pressure situations when every minute matters.

Efficient Retail Runs

Ever had to navigate a grocery or retail store with poor signage? There’s nothing quite as frustrating as knowing you’re wasting time searching through the aisles. With our high-quality products, our customers can create beautiful, easy-to-see retail signage that will have shoppers in and out of the store in a jiff. Best of all, many of our products are environmentally friendly, so both customers and the planet win. Our signature retail signage solutions include:

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